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  • Welcome to GLOSCO

    Excellence from design to delivery of high-precision advanced metallurgical manufacturing services.
    GLOSCO is a proud supplier of sintered parts to the global OEM automotive market.

  • The Powder Metallurgy Expert

    GLOSCO has built its global reputation through decades of experience in the automotive space solely with powder metallurgy parts,
    and will continue to stand strong and thrive in the global automotive space with customer oriented services and endless quality innovations.


    GLOSCO aims high and keeps high standards in order to maintain excellence in manufacturing
    performance. Moreover, with Innovative technology supported by the futuristic insights,
    GLOSCO guarantees high performance auto parts to customers.


Among thousands of competitors in the automotive manufacturing sector, GLOSCO has successfully recognized itself as a key player in the industry providing the industry with Powder Metallurgic solutions. GLOSCO’s capabilities reach out to the world's most cutting edge Ford-GM 10-speed automatic transmission.
GLOSCO’s Cumulative Automotive OEM Supply Statistics at a Glance
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OEM Key Statistics
Quality Control / Capability / Financial Stability / Global Presence
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Transmission / Engine / Oil Pump / Safety / Steering / Automotive Electric / ABS Brake
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Compaction, Sizing, Sintering, Machining, Blending, Tooling, and Etc
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Worldwide Delivery

GLOSCO has built trust with various customers by continuously providing the best quality parts with perfect delivery management, and is continuously expanding its major customer base in the global market.

Research & Development

ChongWhal Rhee, founder of GLOSCO, carried forward a single philosophy that defined his leadership.
“It is innovation that drives a company forward, but the obsession for quality is the fuel that needs to be in place”.