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The automotive industry comprises a wide range of companies and organizations involved in the design, development, shipping, manufacturing, sourcing, marketing, assembling, and selling. Considering there are 30,000 parts in a vehicle on average, the market producing over 90 million vehicles a year is undoubtedly one of the world's largest economic sectors by revenue.

Among thousands of competitors in the industry, GLOSCO has successfully recognized itself as the key player in the industry, providing the industry with Powder Metallurgic solutions. Our capabilities reach out to the world's most cutting edge Ford-GM 10-speed automatic transmission.

Collaborating with OEM manufacturers, Tier 1 through 3 suppliers, technology companies, and internal & external engineering services, GLOSCO is capable of developing breakthrough strategies that enable clients to achieve their full expectation. GLOSCO’s holistic client-centered approach is in the basis of tireless efforts to set new standards for innovation. With GLOSCO, new ideas become best practices as we launch our key resources to build trusting relationships with our clients.
GLOSCO’s Cumulative Automotive OEM Supply Statistics at a Glance
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OEM Key Statistics
Quality Control / Capability / Financial Stability / Global Presence
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Transmission / Engine / Oil Pump / Safety / Steering / Automotive Electric / ABS Brake
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Compaction, Sizing, Sintering, Machining, Blending, Tooling, and Etc
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Worldwide Delivery

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Major Clients
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Global Network - Export Map
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Local Warehouses for Global Clients