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OEM Key Statistics

GLOSCO’s Cumulative Automotive OEM Supply Statistics at a Glance

Automatic Transmission Parts(6 Speed, 8 speed, 10 speed) for over 10 Million vehicles
Engine parts for over 30 Million vehicles
Seatbelt Parts over 12.5 Million vehicles
CV Joints for over 15 Million vehicles
Steering Parts for over 6.5 Million commercial vehicles
> In North America, GLOSCO currently supplies over 3 million parts to customers on annual average.
> GLOSCO’s powder metallurgy parts have been applied to over 50 types of vehicles globally.


Quality Control

Dedicated Overseas Business and Quality Support Team
100% On Time Delivery Since 2006
Systematic Quality Control & Periodic Customer Visits
Patented Quality Control Capability(MRT)


Up to 850T Compcating Presses
Up to 800T Sizing Presses
36” Furnaces
In-House Blending of Powder Metal
In-House Machining
In-House Tooling
Line Automation

Financial Stability

Strong and Healthy Financial Status
100% Owned Private Company
Continuing Growth and Capital Investment
Low Debt to Capital Management Policy

Global Presence

Global Warehouses in Mississauga, Canada and Wytheville, US
VMI Available DDP Available
Local Agents in US & CANADA
Prompt Response, No Language Barrier


Transmission / Engine / Oil Pump / Safety / Steering / Automotive Electric / ABS Brake

Transmission Plates, Transmission Tonewheel, Transmission Hub, Chain Sprocket, Camshaft Ring, Water Pump Pulley, EGR Valve, ABS Ring, Cam Ring, Seatbelt Pawl, Gears, Gerotor, Rotor, Oil Pump Rotor, Pump Rotor, EHA Rotor, PTO Pump, Balance shaft Module, Electro Hydraulic Actuator, Electric Oil Pump, Electric Vacuum Pump, and more.


Having 40+ compacting press machines ranging from 20T to 850T, sizing press machines Up to 800T, 10+ sintering furnaces, and 10+ CNC machines, GLOSCO is well equipped to handle high volume demands for all types and size ranges of ferrous Powder Metallurgic(P/M) parts. In order to maximize quality control capabilities and minimize cost factors, most P/M productions and processes required are done in-house. In-house capability in blending of raw materials, Tool building, Compaction & Sintering, and CNC machining greatly contributes to precise quality control resulting in superior quality of production. GLOSCO is your one stop partner for all things power metal, and takes pride in the products that leave the facilities and fully stands behind its products.